Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The Life Education Caravan!

Jenny and Harold telling us how to keep safe.
Ki Ora!

A couple of weeks ago Room 4 got to visit the Life Education Caravan.

We were learning about 'keeping ourselves safe'.

Jenny from the Life Education Caravan took us on an adventure with our special puppet animals to Mt Wellington.

Here is a Recount about our trip to the caravan by Lorenzo in Room 4.

The Life Education Caravan

Paul, Lorenzo and Felise with their puppets!
On Wednesday Room 4 got puppet animals and went to the caravan to learn about keeping safe.

First Room 4 lined up.

Next Room 4 walked to the caravan.

Then we got into a circle with our puppets.

Room 4 going on an adventure with their puppets!
After that we packed our bag and went on an adventure.

Finally we went up Mt Wellington.

In the end Jenny read us a story called Billy the Bully.

I felt happy because we saw Harold.

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