Thursday, 28 March 2013

On Thursday we had an exciting party in Room 4 to celebrate Ayush's 6th birthday!!!!

Ayush eating his delicious cake with his classmates

 Ayush's granddad came in with LOTS of treats to share with our special class!

Ayush waiting for Mrs Patel to light his 6 candles

We sang 'happy birthday' and Ayush got to blow out the candles on his MASSIVE cake!

Everyone including Miss Savidan wore a party hat!

Felise, Ryder, Trishala, Bison, Saane and Lorenzo digging in to the birthday cake

Not only did we get birthday cake to eat but we also got ICE-CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gabriella enjoying the cake!

We also got balloon blowers which were SUPER noisy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lorenzo, Saane and Bison BIG SMILES!
Angelina looking not so impressed with Miss Savidan taking a photo!
All and all we had a fantastic afternoon celebrating Ayush's birthday! It was a great way to end the week and a great way to start the Easter break!

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  1. This looks like there is too much fun happening in Room 4! Time for Maths!