Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Kiwi Kick

Room 3 and Room 4 listening to Rebecca's instructions very carefully

Today Room 3 and Room 4 had their second session of Kiwi Kick!

Rebecca also taught us a new way to play Octopus with the football which was very exciting! 
Dennett and Rebecca showing us how to pass the football to our partner

We learnt a new skill called 'hand ball'. Hand ball is a skill you use to pass the ball to your partner.

Wow! Cherokee that was a fantastic pass!
Paul putting his 'ice-cream on the plate' Gabriella is watching very carefully!
Tyson handballing the football, great punt!

We had so much fun and we can NOT wait to play again next week!!!


  1. I'm loving your blog Room 4! It looks like you are learning some amazing skills at Kiwi Kick - keep it up!

  2. Room 4 - you look like you are all having too much fun! Keep it up!