Friday, 9 May 2014

Welcome Back to Term 2

HI everybody,

Welcome back to Term 2 2014.  What an exciting term we have to look forward to!  
This week we started our new inquiry "Better Citizens for a Digital Today - How can I be a good digital citizen?".  We talked about what we think citizenship means and what we think good citizens do.  We watched Despicable Me and talked about what kind of citizens the characters are.  Come and check out our thoughts in Room 6!  
We also created a citizen for our class.  We named her Citizen Rose.  We list our learning around her, so she is learning to be a good citizen at the same time as us! You can come and see her in Room 6 :) 

We can't wait to let you know what else we are learning about in Room 6.
Talk to you next week.  In the meantime, check out our photos of Citizen Rose below!

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