Friday, 23 August 2013

Junior Playground

A big CHANGE in the Junior School

For the last couple of weeks SPS has been getting ready for our new junior school playground.  First, a digger had to come in to get the ground ready.  Then the playground got put in.  After that, bark got put on the ground around the playground.  Finally, we got to play on it.  We felt excited to get a new playground to play on.  Check out the progress below!

Digger getting the ground ready

Everyone came out to watch the diggers in action

Fences were added around the playground area to keep us safe

The ground is ready for the playground to be put it

The first section of the playground is in

First section of playground

A little bit more playground added - check out the colour!

Go away rain! We want the playground finished.
Ready for the bark to be laid
Ryder trying out the climbing rope
Ayush trying out the slide
Fotu on the flying fox
Trishala on top of the spider web
Imran on the rope wall

Room 4 loved twirling the most!
Rylee in the tunnel
Shaniqa trying her hand at swinging
Noema testing out her arm strength
Viliami showing off his best balancing

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