Friday, 12 July 2013

Term 2, Week 10

Wow, we have had a busy term!  We have had some exciting changes in Room 4.  Mr West has come back to teach in Room 4 for seven weeks.  We also got a new teacher - Miss Noble.  We were sad to say goodbye to Miss Savidan but luckily she has only moved to Room 9 so we can still say hello whenever we like.

We have been making models of a water reservior in Room 4 as part of our inquiry "To keep the flow of H2O, what's our way to go?"  Check out the photos of us making our models.
Painting our models

Felise and Rylee painting their model

Trishala, Ayush and Ashton making mountains out of newspaper

Paul and Kaleb putting a pipe into one of their houses

Angela and Fotu adding the pipes to their cleaning stations.

Louise, Angelina and Ryders finished model of a cleaning station.

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