Monday, 20 May 2013

Procedure Writing (How to make Toast)

Today Room 4 was learning a fun and new exciting type of writing called procedure writing!

Miss Savidan let us make TOAST!!!

Before we started we discussed what equipment we needed to help us make the toast:

1 X Knife
1 X Toaster


We also discussed what ingredients we needed:




Method: What did we do???

1: First we made sure we had all the correct ingredients and equipment!

2: Then we made sure the toaster was turned on 
and plugged in.

3: Next we put the toast in the toaster and pushed the button down.

4: After that we waited for around 2 minutes until the toast popped up!

5: We then made a backwards 'C' with our finger to get the toast out of the toaster.

6: We then scooped the margarine out of the container and spread it onto our toast! Some of us just wanted our toast with margarine!

7: Most of us took the final step and put a big blob of jam onto our toast!

8: Finally we got to eat it!!! YUM YUM

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